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week one day two : sheeluvlee

June 10, 2009

perfectionism at its finest. i have brought myself to a standstill, mind block.. not that i’m uninspired or am not constantly thinking of our debut collection.. shit, i was caught sketching on the 405 last week by a driver in the 2nd lane peaking into my car [at first i bet to glance down my low cut shirt, perv] but to his surprise, i was sketchin. [women can multi-task & if my parents read this, i’m sure i’ll hear about it] – as his eyes almost popped outta his head, i raised my eyebrow and sped off [as far as i could get in that blasted parking lot].. it’s just, i go through these moments where i want things to be so fucking perfect & unforgettable that i simply.. can’t.. do.. anything.  not to mention i’ve been dying of cramps & cravin chocolate for the past week.  i curse you eve!  10 sketches and counting?  i work best under pressure.

   our evil little timeline :

   june 31st :                  20-30 sketches done, collection complete.
   dec  31st :                   collection completely sewn.
   january :                     photoshoot begins.
   july 31st :                   Love Strut Fashion Show.

   415 Days & Counting…

   currently listening to : metric – help i’m alive


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  1. viktoryian permalink
    June 10, 2009 11:26 am

    Are you clothe desiner? So cool! That was smth I dreamed of when I was little. 🙂 Now I´m into photography and want to keep it this way! Anyway.. I like fashion!
    Good luck with the show!

    • June 11, 2009 4:03 pm

      heyy.. yeah we’re clothing designers & we’re in the middle of beginning a collection to debut at Love Strut, its a non-profit type deal for charity. so we thought we’d document our beginning day to fashion show 🙂 what type of photography are you into? do you do it professionally or more hobby?


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