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week one

June 10, 2009

the objective of this week izzzzzzz to have atleast 10 sketches drawn up. i only have 4 & i need to make revisions to the fourth one. not only am i 6 sketches short, i have to make a kimono pattern for my intermediate patternmaking class & have to turn in my art journal based on theoretical things n’ such including an outline on my final paper on the artist ralph steadman before and after his involvement with hunter s. thompson this friday.
normally id have the tube playing in the background for inspiration, er rather motivation to design & finish my homework, but a certain someone has been hogging the remote all evening long. i dont see how inspiring deadliest catch can be to a fashion designer. if you got to watch my vid from the other day, i spend my days fiddling with itunes. its time consuming… someone wanna lend me a portable tv? anyone? i suppose i can quit bein’ a night owl, and get to bed by 9pm. that way i can wake up at the crack of dawn and have the tube all to myself. allllllllllllllllllll dayy long. till 4:55pm rolls around. then its back to deadliest catch.
goon night kids. theres a bean n’ cheese burrito callin’ my name.


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