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June 11, 2009

i honestly haven’t done a productive thing all week.  i went out last night, didn’t get home until 4am only to be back up at 630am for work [gotta love the dub].. made some memories and hated my life today. [dramatics] all i could do was resort to collecting music for a playlist i will be actively advertising to my neighbors this entire weekend while i sketch, sketch & sketch some more.  i plan on having my part of the collection done [well, roughs] so taide and i can go over what we have thus far.. we kinda want to show the sketches to the Love Strut team at the meeting… june 24th.  Get em on the “excited” train.. did that sound super lame? yes.. anyway, deadlines deadlines.. here’s a sneak peek to my playlist ::> turn your stereo notch, up   <::  enjoy.  i’ll be adding to it tomorrow, its not even close to being done. as for now, i’m off to dreamland.. 2 hours of sleep doesn’t do my mind justice, anxiety attacks, bid your adieu i’m sick of you!  umm.. peace.



::> sheeluvlee

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