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June 16, 2009

suck a diiii. never gonne be that person who talks about it, we’re workin to be the people talked about.. setting the tone.  you’re gonna use our collection as inspiration, i’ve been knocked off before & even though they sell that shit for 50 x cheaper without the mind work, it’s a compliment to an artist.. to be copied.  get it.  hmmm. where am i going with this?  we’re workin on a movement.  a cult without the creepy killing everyone thing.. yeaahhh, i need a new word for cult. i’m obsessed with the word bla⋅sé  today.  & i never wanna be blasé.  i had a lot of coffee this morning & drove by a man stuck in a storm drain on the 405 on my way to the 9-5.  im happy to be alive.

ps. pattern making turned fittings soon to come.  if anyone knows of any great models who’d love to do a fashion show for a good cause, let us know.. we’re posting on model mayhem for the time being, its free work.. work for prints only! we aint gettin paid, you aint gettin paid.  but the portfolio’s will be amazing… trust.  we have one model set & counting.

check out this magazine for the time being ::prim ::



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