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whimsical truth

June 21, 2009

telling stories and hiding lies. walls being broken down for that 2.3 seconds worth of advice needed to clear ones mind.  never been that chic to fall in love, i boycott emotions to the tenth power and move forward ever so focused.  the one thing that has kept my heart from the brink of insanity.. is fashion.  i’ve known i’ve wanted to rule the world since a toddler.. my ma never could dress me.  the second i knew how to put one leg, two inside those shorts.. my ma dressin me like a doll days were over.  the older we get the more the outside world comes into effect and inner dreams no longer form reality.. but each time someone told me “oh, you wanna be a fashion designer.. thats cool.. you think you’ll make it.. everyone i know that went to fidm wound up working in retail”.. each time i heard that shit, it made me even more intuned w/ my goals and ever so eager to prove everyone wrong.  so along this path i’ve avoided opening my heart to anyone that would cause my eyes to lose focus. thus the reasoning for 2 boyfriends too short.  understand?  i may be into you.. and i may not know how to open up my mouth to form the correct vowels to tell you due to this lack of emotional experience.. but i still have my true love to tend to leaving my mind surrendered.  funeral parade.

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