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thee inspired inspire thee un

June 24, 2009

funeral parade has had a motive from the beginning : we inspire eachother, especially when uninspired.  mind blocks are horrible to endure thus forming cholonic talks to cleanse the mind.  people watching is on the top list of inspirational boosts & if we’re starin at ya or sayin “you’re cute” or “oohh.. im in love with her / him” it strictly means ya steeze, ya style, ya whimsical sight.  therefore, i’ll be snappin photos of some inspirational outfits that make my “heart smile” over the next few months.  && if you read this & are not near me physically, send in a photo of your fp outfits & a quote if you wish to possibly be posted.. –> after all.. we are walking art are we not?

be ready, dont smile, blinded.


♥ sheeluvlee

fp kid one –> taide

taide - photo by christian arias

taide - photo by christian arias

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  1. Jeremy Helin permalink
    November 17, 2009 1:07 am

    Hey, You look great. Please contact me or 760-985-4811. So good to see you!

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