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work work work

June 24, 2009

works got me closed off from the outside world. well, minus last night. last night consisted of greek food, the red room & gettin lost on the way back from nicholes down the street. a walk that should have taken 2 minutes took 30 cause my ass is horrible with directions, especially after 3 glasses of wine.  my house is back to bein a mess again.. clothes, prismas, sketchbooks, pencil shavings & water bottles are everywhere.  i won’t be able to make the   love strut   meeting tonight either due to these late nights.. needless to say i’m on my 2nd pot of coffee & still soaking in the caffeine.. however!  the collection is in full speed ahead.. we’re starting patterns in t minus 14 days.

fastlane listening party this saturday.  if ya dont know, now ya know –> fastlane. [ i have blackmail videos of these kids, so unless i get my 30 milly i requested within the week expect some videos soon.. kaching ]

♥ sheeluvlee

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