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fp update

July 2, 2009

sheena says we need to post more blogs about our progress with this fashion show, but there is no progress. actually i shouldn’t say that. i feel like im moving at snail speed. we’re still at the sketch stage. i cant just snap a photo and post ’em. all that iz top secret. there have been several emails with the love strut committee, first, introduction email from us to the rest of the crew. next, trying to find charities to support. venues big enough for the event. new slogan. last year, it was: love strut fashion with compassion. this year, they want something new & better to replace the fashion with compassion bit. honestly, i love it as is. why mess with perfection. we have a meeting in a few weeks to discuss all of the above. im really fortunate to be apart of this event. therefore i need to kick it into high gear & start producing sketch after sketch of lovely visions so we have plenty to choose from. i think we’re planning on going with 20-25 pieces, depending on the difficultly & construction of each piece. more if they’re simplistic.
next step: draping & patternmaking. i predict……………im gonna hate my life. at least this stage allows for photos. i predict……………photos of our rats nest hair, pin pricks on the tops of our fingertips, no makeup faces, haha looking rather drab, you know, as in VERY DULL. so until then, im gonna keep posting images of things that i want and/ or inspire me.


♥ luxe ♥

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