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in love w/

July 2, 2009

i love :


vintage floral wallpaper prints – especially on oversized shirts and girly dresses || repeating my favorite song over.. and over.. and over [currently : its alright by fastlane] || all the views we’ve received on our wordpress, its addictive || my kitty kat nala aka moo moo – we’re both on blasted diets right now || looking forward to the weekend [3 day babyyy] || waking up to the beach every day || rainy days.. i miss you, please come back. especially dry summer rain || yoga on the boardwalk on sundays, yoga in general || weddings.. more of you people need to get married thx || extra large black coffee w/ extra foam || big huge ginormous rings that take up most of my hand || anything anthropologie, especially being inside a store.. its like a fairytale || the chelsea handler book on all her one night stands, makes me feel better & its really hilarious || lula magazine.. pls check it out if you’re in a negative mood || red velvet cake but not from ralphs.. their frosting tastes like candy not cheese cake || not hitting traffic on the way to work, mainly because everyones havin a 4 day weekend.. argh. || acupuncture.. tomorrow tomorrow || fashion as a movement.. all for now. those are a few things i am in love with.



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