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last time i cried..

July 7, 2009

for a celebrity passing was Aaliyah.. I mean, people are people & its always sad when someone passes on to the next life but its a fact.. of life.  We are all temporary and are merely here to make a mark and hopefully leave this world a better place, in all honesty.  Some people leave dents, some form mountains and some shit on their opportunity leavin skid marks instead.  However, my biggest goal has always been and will always remain.. to leave this life with some maaddd footprints and fingerprints.  Michael Jackson effected so many lives, its insane.  He thought outside of himself by being the #1 celebrity for charity & sure he had issues, WE ALL HAVE ISSUES, the normal person doesn’t have a spotlight in their face exploiting all the natural insecurities and multiplying by a milly.  I think he was an incredible person and role model.  I want this clothing line to not only be my passion, my career, my lifestyle.. I want to use it to the benefit of helping others, starting with that first step.

I’m inspired & i remember EXACTLY where i was when i watched this video & fell in love..


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  1. Ashley Pele permalink
    July 16, 2009 10:43 am

    I agree with you x10000, inspiration at its absolute best! rip mj

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