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hello again, insomnia.

July 15, 2009

i don’t know if i can’t sleep, or if i do not want to.  do you ever get those moods where excitement overtakes your bloodstream leaving you wide eyed & boycotting a stray thought polluting this tunnel vision?  well, i am currently experiencing this.  if i weren’t for having to be up at 6am for a busy day at the office tomorrow, i’d be fine.. however, night dreaming sans the comfy pillows [i need more pillows] & chenelle blankets isn’t my idea of a restful night.  i remember back in the fidm days, i would never sleep.  granted i took caffeine pills on top of mountains of paychecks blissfully handed to starbucks each day.. [that was before my homeopathic turn in life].. but thats besides the point.  i would commute, work 40 hours a week, with 4 classes a quarter and still manage to get exceptional grades & have somewhat of a life. my dad would wave bye at 430am on his way to work as i held my abused paper shears, finishing my weekly portfolio project rockin that trademark side messy bun, as proof i hadn’t slept a wink.  how could i manage to live that way for 2 straight years, completely fine.. yet now, my body craves sleep.  i do not like sleep!  sleep is for the dead.  and i, my friend.. am experiencing the parade.. not the funeral. sigh.. there will be no sleep tonight.  i can feel it.  the insomnia has started to slowly creep back the past 2 days.. but i welcome it.  i am the most inspired when dillusional.. no joke.

i leave you with this photo i pieced together real quick as a glimpse of what is going on in my mind right now..

inspiration & thoughts

inspiration & thoughts


♥ sheeluvlee

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