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all the right chords.

July 21, 2009

people always say: “things happen for a reason”. now that warrens birthday is over i can reflect on the shit that he said last night.  he was joking around of course. but his words still managed to strike a chord. talk all the shit you want. im ugly. fat. jew curls. tramp. etc etc but dont you dare say im lazy! ive always been in school full-time or worked full-time. and at times, i did both. now that my school is moving to a new location, they’ve decided to add an extra hour to all of our classes. & to top it off we begin an hour earlier. 5 hour classes starting at 7am. i took it upon myself to take the quarter off, but not to leisure about. to work. work on all the patterns for fp. my new job. just like a class. just like homework for each week. i  have to pull harder this quarter to actually finish up all the patterns for our collection. i want to graduate with a job at my own company. make sense? my dream, 11 years in the works.
i should thank you, warren. i need  to be waking up earlier. quit getting to bed oh so late. ive made a schedual on sunday planning out the next 3 months of my life.
6:00-6:10: wake up!
6:10-7:00: gym (at home)
7:00-8:00: check emails, correspondence, blog, computer shit
8:00-12:00: fp stuff. patterns, sewing, sketching, etc
12:00- 1:00 gym
1:00-5:00: fp stuff.
5:00-5:30: gym/ cardio
5:30-6:00: shower shower shower!!!!!!!
6:00-8:00: fp stuff
8:00-9:00: dinner
9:00-12:00: fp stuff
12:00-4:30: insomnia

♥ lazy luxe ♥

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