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July 25, 2009

i feel pretty lucky to have a job i actually look forward to being a part of.. i’m learning more and more each day.  next project : attacking magazines, fame show in ny & wwd magic show in vegas.. tba.  we are gonna sell the shit out of this collection, its gorgeous!  we had our spring 2010 photoshoot yesterday w/ Erik Ian Photography, his place is definitely too legit to quit.  ♥ good music, good vibes, good clothing, good company. check out the models blog here -> A Go Go Fashion & i’ll let you know once we post the new collection.  only shitty thing, i got sunburnt like no other. . . my fair skin needed some color but i’d prefer it be an even tone, not on a day i decided to wear a million straps going every which way. sigh..

TODAY : FUNERAL PARADE MOOD BOARD — in full effect.  pics of my crazy paper room i’m lockin myself in, with coffee upon coffee & fukking fabulous music, coming to a computer near you….. haha. i’m in a great mood, visiting family and all the siblings are in one place at one time, the last time this happened was.. i don’t even remember. we’re all growing up. && I’m meeting my only brother’s new SANE girlfriend… ♥




daniel rainn photoshoot spring 2010

daniel rainn photoshoot spring 2010

 ♥ sheeluvlee

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