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July 26, 2009

click ta listen : la roux

not sure if you’ve noticed our bulletins lately, if you’re not our friend add us :  we’re on the look out for some creative kids.. anyone interested in living life through their passion. bands, dj’s, artists, designers, models, writers, teachers, photographers, poets, dancers.. etc etc – we want to photograph YOU.  FP’s first annual photoshoot.  Currently in the process of getting everything takin care of, but we need your help.  We want you to model.  You do not nee dexperience and you do not need to be a model, so get that outta ya head.. As long as you are in this life for more than merely existing day to day, please contact us! We’ve been getting a lot of great responses and have definitely begun our list, but we need around 50-200 fp kids.  you must be in the socal area, out of state and international are tba. this shoot is going to be novel worthy.. i definitely advise you to take part.  AS WELL AS .. we need bands doing shows, djs spinning at a few gigs, models runnin a runway, poets at a spoken word.. please let us know about your upcoming gigs, we’ll feature you on FP and possibly go to the event to cover.  let us know, seriously!  email :, contact our myspace or leave your interest here as a comment, just make sure to leave your email so we know how to contact you back!

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