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a short story

July 29, 2009

i have fallen in love w/ fashion all over again. ever since i can remember i’ve wanted to be a designer, a writer or a psychologist. the second i was accepted into fidm, everything else was left for hobbies.. writing to keep thy sanity and psychologist moments when friends came to realize my pisces ways & attractive ear.. 😉 i was lucky enough to land a great job within 2 months of graduating from FiDM with NO experience, no internships, just a portfolio in hand [i advise design students to do internships.. especially w/ this economy, you need resume strength] — seeing my designs in stores, walking down a street and catching someone wearing a top i had fit, when nordstrom had bought my styles.. it was something i had always wanted.. i was in love w/ the job until it became.. a job. so i quit. i left the industry.. worked retail until figuring out what i wanted to do.. then on my last night in LA at my first company i happened to snag myself a night in jail and a dui to call reality. shit brought on some hardcore soul searching, no doubt. a lot of people i know that have received dui’s shrug it off and keep movin, but i do not take road bumps lightly.. i contemplated a career change.. contemplated moving to new york.. contemplated living in my parents house until i died, never leaving my room unless completely wasted.. until i realized maybe it wasn’t the design aspect i was over, just the scenery. so i went job hunting again.. found a sweet position at an organic company that i fell in love with & learned even more with. until 4 months in, the division took the heat of the economy and iced over, we were cut. 3 months of ‘why me, what do i do now’ mindset [mind you, my career has always been my number 1.. so i was a tad freaked out].. then the day before my 24th birthday i get a phone call from the previous designer stating he “needs me”. he had started a silk dress & blouse line and needed me to work.. freelance to start, which more lasted 2 weeks before i was commuting 2 hours, 4 times a week.. finally i moved back to long beach. all in all.. this week has been a crazy busy week. i’m spending my wednesday night with red wine and line sheets to finish, a photoshoot tomorrow and press kits to send buyers.. OMG I JUST REMEMBERED BUSINESS CARDS.. long story short, i have learned so much and not only will this knowledge help funeral parade to be a success.. its reminding me to never give up on what i’ve been in love with all along.. even when i feel like strangling myself so i can call in dead to work and have a break for a second.  art kids, our industry is tough… DO NOT GIVE UP !!

did anyone even read this? 🙂 lol.. felt like gabbin.

d r e a m s

d r e a m s

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  1. July 30, 2009 5:32 pm

    =) i liked that.

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