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frustration lingers

August 1, 2009

when you feel as if someone else runs your life for a measly paycheck.. it’s a tad aggravating.  i’d like to document i’m going into work at 5am on a saturday to continue work, even if i had prior commitments, because apparently i didn’t do my job to the best of my ability even if i pretty much worked 24/7 this past week.  & honestly, maybe i didn’t.. who knows.  maybe in this industry, doing your best & getting recognized for that, is not a thing of reality unless working for yourself.  “lets stay positive” … i am only growing stronger, so i thank you & you & you for that.

have a great saturday everyone. i definitely will be. i’m getting a chemical peel today.. gonna look like a monster for a week so don’t expect to see me out on the streets anywhere until this next weekend.  looking forward to a successful show in new york, the lines golden, i know its going to be a success.  coffee + cramps = aint no thang.  this week God is testing me, BUT IM PASSING WITH FLYING COLORS!

“live your dream or you’re only living someone elses” – my pops

NOTE : when you stop & think.. all the frustration built up from day to day antics.. skipped lunches, late nights at the office, traffic delays, overdrawn bank accounts, bumper to bumper accidents, primadonna coworkers or bosses, unreturned phone calls, working weekends, missed opportunities, pointless arguments, miscommunication, negative mindsets… it is all temporary.  we are devoted to the universe and at the end of the day, nothin really matters besides the footprints we leave behind, people we touch and relationships we build.  so put it into perspective; i am.  peace!






my version of the universe

my version of the universe

artwork from deviant art.. unknown artist




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  1. August 1, 2009 1:02 pm

    just keep yo chin up kid…we get tested and we grow from the tests. And getting aggravated and ranting is human, so get it all out. it’s like those weeks where you just got paid, but your acct was over-drawn, and you have ALL your bills to pay at once and when you’re done paying them you have $30 left to last your 2 weeks and you still need gas…even tho that shit sucks…you’re still alive at the end of the day.
    you’re still alive…and you have a good attitude. You’ll be fine. I know you will. things always work out. Love yous!

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