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we’re legit and shit.

August 2, 2009

today consists of :

paper filing.. we all know how much this pisces mind i call home runs from anything of intense drawn out signage.. however, this time its for my f u t u r e, our f u t u r e, the f u t u r e of fp.  feels nice.  contracts, ein numbers, tax licensing, wholesale applications, bank accounts, who owns what if what doesn’t succeed … [the inevitable question that, even though we’re not counting on to happen & will do everything in our will to see it does NOT happen, it must be addressed] – pretty much, after today we’re truly “legit and shit” – – maybe this is why 1.5 blue moons got me a tad drunk last night?  all i wanted was a beer.. and i got a tipsy step.  thy social life is invisible due to my straight narrow mind as we speak but i won’t have it any other way.  next step, photoshoot.  be prepared kids.. and ya better keep contacting.. we’re comin up w/ some great ideas, some free advertisement, some whorin ya faces around, and representing F U N E R A L ♥ P A R A D E – ’til death do we part

♥ sheeluv

listen : : ghostland observatory <– we fell in love in 2007 at treasure island fest in sf.  his two braids made us all giggly and what have you..

OH! and i just want to take note.. taide got coffee this morning and had to order my long ass high maintenance drink.  shes gonna talk shit to me.. but i just want to let everyone know.. SHES FEEDING MY ADDICTION!  usually she talks shit on me for how much coffee i drink. . its ok if its just black coffee ok!?  today is a big deal, im letting myself have a peppermint latte 🙂 yum! tastes like christmassss


f u n e r a l ♥ p a r a d e

f u n e r a l ♥ p a r a d e


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  1. August 2, 2009 2:47 pm

    i la la loveeee ghostland observatory!

  2. sheeluvlee permalink
    August 2, 2009 3:00 pm

    me toooooo and hes even more amaazzzzing live ! sexual even.. taide, me and danielle were all giggly and shit. haha. i definitely recommend buyin tickets to his next show, whenever that may be..

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