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August 3, 2009

there once was a man exerting grace with a force
capturing thought and evoking emotion to an onlookers eye
freedom of expression to cleanse the mind
manipulating thy canvas, creating a sense of magic
inspiration, free thought, passion, & intrigue,
intellect, solitude, a transcended obsession..
all of which come to mind when i visualize an artist.

vincent forsang

vincent forsang

i recently came across the work of Vincent Forsang & have found myself repeatedly checking out his site for new posting.  About to check myself into Artist Rehab, please save me from this lurking!   A graphic design student at AI & natural talent.. he’s left us FP kids in awe.  Check out a couple examples of his work & the questionnaire we put together below to peek into the mind of this artist..  & what makes him a true FP KID.  Get to know his work by lurking his tumblr and keep updated for upcoming events [tba].

tumblr : vincent forsang

1. Describe your style or technique behind your work & how or why you got started.
Making art is freedom to me. When I paint or draw it is only for the present moment. That’s when things come alive anyways -the world takes on a liberating resonance in the moment. My first creative outlet was music, but it became too much of a life trap… long story. I started drawing around four years ago, I was lucky enough not to have taken any art classes yet, so I drew whatever I wanted without judging myself, which I feel is the most important thing when you first start out. Most, if not all, of my friends are artist, I saw a struggle in them that I did not want to take part in, they were too hard on themselves. Too many expectations as to what art should look like instead of just making it. So basically, I got my start by just drawing a lot and having fun.

© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009
© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009

2. Where do you find inspiration?
Nature is everything. The birds, the bugs, the trees -everything alive has an energy fascinating to me. Most of my art is concerned with capturing this energy.

3. If you’re looking into your crystal ball what’s your future look like?
Thinking about the future only creates anxiety. If could look into a crystal ball I would only hope to see my nose all big and distorted.
4. If you were remembered for a specific quote, what would it be?
I have a lot of dumb quotes, uh man. I suppose I am most famous for picking up on random words and making high-pitched songs out of them. This is a taste of one of my songs, sing it aloud in a high pitched voice and smile: “Sweat. It. Out. Sweeeeeeht-it-sweeht-it-sweeht-it-owwuuuot.”

5. Ok so, say you’re writing a living will.. what is your most prized possession and who gets to keep it?
My most prized possession is a fossil I found while hiking. It might be an unknown species. Kind of looks like a ribcage and part of a skull. Millions of years old! I would defiantly give it to my Pops.







6. LAST BREATHE! What’s your tombstone gonna read to the world?
“Sweat. It. Out. Sweeeeeeht-it-sweeht-it-sweeht-it-owwuuuot.”




© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009

© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009


7. What are your top 3 favorite smells?
Guava, Stella Artois, and my girlfriend’s hair.

8. What advantages, if any, do you believe the opposite sex has, simply for being that gender?
I love how beautiful women are and they can dance way better than me.

9. Do you have any weird quirky characteristics? As in, weird fears.. pet peeves.. obsessions..?
I am obsessed with prehistoric and esoteric stuff. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with dinosaurs, atlantis, pyramids, giant sea creatures etc. I love the thought of ancient people and crazy animals roaming around together.

10. Say we all have a purpose in life, what’s yours?
My purpose is to live in harmony with life, make some stuff, help some people, then become plant food so the cycle can continue.

11. What are you attracted to? Not necessarily a sexual attraction.. simply life attraction, what makes you tick?
I am attracted to creative people or anyone else who is awake. Life is not a movie, get out and play. Anything is possible.
© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009

© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009

12. What invention do you believe, ruined your field of interest?
Google Earth.
13. At what point do you experience your upmost high when actively practicing your passion? What makes you keep coming back for more?
The high is always in the moment. Although, I love it when I first start a painting or drawing -no expectations, just energy. There is no coming back to something you already are.

14. What are your top 3 LEAST favorite smells?
Bad wine, cat shit, and fennel seeds.

15. What’s the worst critique you ever received?
I get a lot great critiques from school that really help me out. If you want to grow as an artist you have to detach yourself from your ego, don’t take criticism personally. Yet, some critiques are a malicious disease especially from art teachers who think great art is a result of purely perfectionism and technique- this is art school trash! While those ingredients might be useful it is not everything, art is a state of mind, if you are a shallow delusion of grandeur penis you will create shallow-delusion-of-grandeur-penis-art.

 16. What’s your mark? As in, after you croak, what do you want to be remembered by?
Theses questions are morbid.
17. Any last words?
I want to give out some drawing tips -not that I am great at it or anything- I just feel the need to give something back since so many people have helped me get to this point. This may sound crazy, but just try it out for yourself. When you are drawing feel yourself breathing. Only focus on the images and shapes you want to project on the page, if you are drawing and you’re hearing voices or imagining people judging it, step back and take a deep breath cause you’re trippin’ fool. See everything as an abstract composition at first. Have fun, listen to some tunes, get in a good state of mind because that is what is on the page. Have no fear and make something new everyday.

Much love.
© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009

© Vincent Forsang 2006-2009

♥ sheeluvlee

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  1. August 3, 2009 1:32 pm

    you’ve sparked my interest…! curiouser and curiouser…

  2. August 7, 2009 7:35 am

    nice! i haven’t seen old vincey since the commie robots era…good to see he is doing so good. I love his work. Thanks for the profile on him it made my morning today.

  3. August 7, 2009 8:29 pm

    commie robots! i love anonymous hippopotamus


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