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September 7, 2009



m a t t h e w   r o w e
m a t t h e w   r o w e

poetic.  whitty.  inspirational.
the way he manipulates vocabulary to form a sense of emotion is intense.
but don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself
: chance operator :  all pics on this site are linked to some of my favorite work.
grab your coffee  |  wine  |  water  |  whatever… get comfortable
&  stalk his work for a few hours..
you won’t be dissapointed. ♥ sheena






Untitled-3FP : heyyyyy
r. vagabond : good evenin’

FP : i really dig your writing, which is why i asked you to be an fp kid… where are you located now?

r. vagabond : thanks. i live in arcata, ca.

FP : how long have you been there? did you move for school or ?

r. vagabond : yeah, i’ve lived here since january of this year, and i’m going to humboldt state university.

FP : whats your major? i hate that question but i had to ask…

r. vagabond : no big deal. i’m a geography major, and i’m minoring in islamic studies and writing practices.

FP : nice!

FP : what would be your ideal career? or are you still figuring that out?

r. vagabond : career? i’m not too crazy about the idea of having one job the rest of my life.

FP : definitely

FP : same here man, i have a million things i want to do

FP : why do the thing you choose to do at 22 when you’re 55

r. vagabond : i know i’ll be writing as long as i’m alive, but hopefully not for the same “company” the whole time

r. vagabond : yeah totally.

r. vagabond : in the near future, meaning when i’m finished with school, i’d like to be a travel journalist for a while.

FP : what focus? i dont know how to “techniqually” ask… meaning, do you want to focus on politics, religion, art…..

r. vagabond : i don’t think i’ve gotten to that point yet. thus far, i have a broader outlook on it than that. but once i actually get going with the writing, it might become more focused.

r. vagabond : and it will probably depend on what part of the world i’m in.
r. vagabond : my primary inspiration for the whole travel journalism thing comes from reading/viewing/hearing reports on how things work and are happening around the world.

r. vagabond : most of the time i can’t really fully believe them. so my goal is to be there, wherever it is, and find out if what i’ve heard is “accurate” or not.

FP  so how long have you been writing?
r. vagabond : since third grade.
r. vagabond : and i don’t mean that in a smart-ass tone.
FP  no no i get it. trust me
r. vagabond : i’ve been keeping journals and writing poems since then.
FP  what sparked it
r. vagabond : my third grade teacher, miss anderson, taught the class to write in cursive, and then in verse. she read shel silverstein poems to us, as well as the hobbit.
r. vagabond : and that was all inspiration to hopefully be someone that people read one day.
FP  so you knew at that moment you wanted to be an inspiration to others, or less intense, you simply enjoyed writing?
r. vagabond : if not an inspiration directly, at least serve as at same spark, you know?
FP  so there wasn’t any life altering situation that made you write, you just woke up one day and found that inside of you.
r. vagabond : well, going back to third grade, where the whole mess started, i wrote a poem about how everyone in the world is equal, no matter their ethnicity. and miss anderson sent it in to Young Authors of America, and it got published as the title page of a book of poetry.
r. vagabond : i think that day was foundational for me.
FP  i love this. i love that we’re featuring you

r .   v a g a b o n d

r . v a g a b o n d


FP ok so movin’ on from 3rd grade, what’s your inspiration up to date? What intrigues you to write…
r. vagabond : the day to day struggles i–and we, really– face as people.
FP  so then do you tend to lean towards a certain style of writing?
FP  what’s the common theme in your writing or the common emotion you feel when abusing the paper?
r. vagabond :  i feel like most of my writing, the stuff i keep at least, is inspired by some suppressive feeling i have inside me. Most of the time i can’t pinpoint the exact struggle, rather it’s more of a sensation that builds up.
r. vagabond :  i could think a thought months or even years before it makes sense to me. and then, all of a sudden it clicks and i can articulate the sense of urgency that’s been accruing over whatever amount of time.
FP : so you bottle up emotion
FP : save for a rainy day in a sense.. the day it.. makes sense
r. vagabond : i won’t say i bottle it up. more so, i just don’t know what it is, until it comes raging out of me.
r. vagabond : until the point where nothing else can have my attention save that thing–whatever it is. and then i can’t stop writing it until it’s all out.
FP :  ok so then with that said…

 FP  at what point do you experience that ultimate high……… you know, where you just feel, good.. that point where it makes you addicted to what you do and you keep coming back for more.. when do you experience that..
r. vagabond : i don’t think there’s a reoccurring instance that i can pinpoint to answer that question.
r. vagabond : my best guess would be that either i have to be around someone, or something even, that sets off an emotion–or something else in my gut. or i have to be completely alone for a given amount of time in which all i have to do is think about how i’m feeling and why i’m feeling that way.
r. vagabond : then i know i’m in the right place.
FP : do you do the whole “muse” thing or do you just jump from situation to situation?
r. vagabond : it’s mostly a situational thing. after the fact, i sometimes find reoccuring themes, though.
FP  ok so!
FP  last breathe
FP lets say its your lassttt breath
FP whats your tombstone, gonna read to the world?
r. vagabond : wow.
r. vagabond : that’s a question i
r. vagabond : have never thought i’d have to answer
FP :  haha.
FP :  we keep ya on your toes…
r. vagabond : i’d say.
r. vagabond : i don’t think i’d like any qwerky tag lines. probably just:
r. vagabond : matthew daniel rowe 1987 – whenever people decide he’s not important anymore                                                 
FP : OH SHIT,  i think im in love w/ your answer.  
r. vagabond : isn’t that how it works though? people visit cemeteries for a while, depending on how “valuable” the person is to them. but eventually, there’s something more important to do on that day of the year.
r. vagabond : it’s usually the thoughts and actions of a person that stick, more so than where their physical presence was last felt.
FP : definitely. life moves on
FP : its a sense of spiritual recycling…
r. vagabond : yeah, definitely.
FP : so do you tap into any other areas of creative outlet?
FP : you cheat on writing from time to time or …. ?
r. vagabond : i try.
r. vagabond : i was pretty into sculpture for a while, mixed media type stuff.
r. vagabond : but i would always develop a story for every piece i did, then i’d have to spend 15 minutes explaining it to people.
r. vagabond : and i’m working on a children’s book right now(for the past year and a half), and i thought i’d do the illustration myself. but i’ll probably end up letting someone  else do it.

m a t t h e w   r o w e   a r t

m a t t h e w r o w e a r t

FP  how long have you been sculpting?
r. vagabond : i started in the spring of 2007, i think, and it’s been off and on since then.
FP  what got you started into that??
r. vagabond : i don’t have anything to show for it though. i gave most of it away, and what i didn’t was lost or destroyed.
FP  so its more a feel good outlet?
r. vagabond : i needed an artistic outlet in junior college.
r. vagabond : yeah definitely, an escape from the books type of thing.
FP : well with escape in mind…………..
FP :  whats your playlist consist of right now?
r. vagabond : i’ve been listening to why? more than anything else, and some classical bach recitals, astronautalis, the black keys, the black lips, and the roots thrown in for good measure.
FP : i know i get inspired to write from music… and with that being said….
FP : what are your top posted authors that inspire you?
r. vagabond  : that list is never-ending…
FP : yeah definitely.
r. vagabond : but near/at the top are allen ginsberg, richard brautigan, miranda july, charles bukowski, alan watts, carl sandburg, john fante, ernest hemingway, franz kafka.
r. vagabond : and jack kerouac, just to name a few.
FP :  do you have any favorite quotes?  im a definite quotes person…
r. vagabond : the entire “america” poem by allen ginsberg, the entire “so you want to be a writer?” poem by bukowski, and “i’m alone like a sailor in the sea–problems in my head and no coins in my pocket”, from Hobo by eddy joe cotton.
r. vagabond : oh, and “life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel.”- thomas hardy
FP :  so the inevitable question, what do you do to cure writers block?
r. vagabond : i do something else for a while.
r. vagabond : if i can’t write, i can’t write.
r. vagabond : and it’s not the time to be writing.
r. vagabond : that bukowski poem i mentioned above sums it up.
FP :  “so you want to be a writer?”
r. vagabond : yeah.
FP  “if it doesn’t come bursting out of you….”
r. vagabond : exactly
FP : “…in spite of everything…”
r. vagabond : “don’t do it.”
FP : i definitely agree w/ that.
r. vagabond : yeah, that’s it.
FP :  i hate that feeling though. when you have so much bottled inside
FP :  and you want to get it out, but can’t find the words & anything you write is just shit, pure shit. E
r. vagabond : it’ll come out the minute you don’t want it anymore.
FP  yeah, seriously.
FP :  …. ok so to kind of wind things down… do you have any words for someone who’d be interested in getting into writing, who might be a tad intimidated?
r. vagabond : don’t worry about outcomes, reactions or “grammatical errors.”
r. vagabond : those things are purely critical, and should have no affect on one’s personal pleasure/displeasure with a piece of work.
FP :  so just write your heart out on the table.
r. vagabond : essentially, yes.
r. vagabond : and then i decide what i’m going to let other people experience.
FP :  meaning you censor your work?
FP :  you post your writing on word press, are you picky choosy of what you post or?

r. vagabond : i wouldn’t call it “censoring,” but there are things i write specifically for myself.
r. vagabond : those works don’t usually go through revisions or anything. they’re more just to blow some steam, or kill time.
FP :  every poet must keep a little to mystery, its what makes the work so intriguing.
r. vagabond : yeah, that, or i might start to feel repetitive in my intentions.
FP :  lol, i know what you mean
FP :  its like you just cant stop talking about a certain emotion, like im beating a dead horse a million times and then some before i feel good enough to move forward.
FP : then i never touch it again.
FP :  and now for funeral parade…. fp art kid feature… you have any last words? advice.. quotes.. life altering words.. jokes.. bullshit.. nonsense.. anything?
r. vagabond : i think everything i have to say, that isn’t strictly conversational, is on
r. vagabond : shameless plug, right?
FP :  perfect plug!
FP  thanks for the interview mr. matthew, im definitely excited to whore your art around fp’s blog
r. vagabond : yeah, i’m excited about it as well. 

r .  v a g a b o n d

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  1. September 8, 2009 10:16 pm

    i like this kid

  2. rvagabond permalink
    September 9, 2009 7:52 am

    this kid likes you right on back.

  3. September 9, 2009 8:53 am

    we only feature the best 🙂

  4. September 9, 2009 10:44 am

    so much love on this blog! I’m feelin’ it


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