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Naked on a Horse

September 11, 2009

…and I thought to myself, “Where would I be if I had not left?”  I would probably be down to eighty pounds – weightless, not skinny – my arms could have been wings.  Maybe I would be sitting in a cold metal chair, staring out at the free world, through dirty, barred windows.  My bony hands resting across my chest, a thick, white jacket to hold me down.  Light as a feather, a silent angel wrapped in white – my only company would be whatever comes out at night.

Or maybe I could have had my own house in an alley – brown & sturdy – never minding that I am starving and dirty. I would have been free as a bird with no teeth, totally unaware that I spit and slobber each time I speak.

I might have ended up in Florida,…  if I took that man up on the offer he gave, making pretty pennies for ugly lays.  Making friends with whores after sitting very still, and very naked on a client’s horse.

I could have been six feet under, or never found at all –

Maybe I am the lucky one for I have found a better way to fall….


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