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& then there were we [a continuation]

December 14, 2009

oh dear cards.. your words have me transcending madness into the world.. creativity at a standstill, alcoholism, depression, addiction, yet.. all self sought and mutilated. momentary weakness, focusing on the ‘what ifs’ or ‘what weres’ or ‘lost course’ — we are beautiful.  the parade took a turn, a turn for the worst.. but that cold day of bleakness has been overshadowed with support. corners, dark corners.. the light, bright lights.. i am the goddess carrying the throne to eternity.  whimsically fitting.  ephemeral attitudes have been type casted & the stars are now my guiding compass.  dear moon, we have so many lives to effect.. why stop producing romance based upon one heartbroken fall back?  i feel a movement within fingertips grasp, but we must reach for it.. before it swiftly.. almost secret like, vanishes within the universe.

step 1 – regain focus.


dear funeral parade.. i am in love with you

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