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looking forward to wine, coffee & red velvet cake

January 5, 2010

so the time has come to begin fashion bootcamp.  2009 is over.. the lessons have been learned & relationships have been realized.

t i m e  .  t o  .  f o c u s

its an exciting thing really.. see, for all of your artists out there you know inspiration cannot be turned on like a faucet.. it has to flow freely.. & even though inspiration flows through my veins like a drug, at times.. it is not to the focus i need it to be.

 I’ve been writing poetry a lot these days, focusing all of my energy on pin pointing frustrations to the pen.. and then it came to me, inspiration that is …

Therefore, the countdown has begun.  Love Strut meeting took place this past Sunday and we’re getting on the same page with everything.. This event will not only be a Runway Show it is going to be a theatrical experience.. a lot of work to do with a lot of helping hands, but the first step… design the collection.

First Photo Shoot taking place February 2010… Keep In Touch

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