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desires of your heart

January 14, 2010

Whether you believe in religion or not…I feel God has placed us all here for a reason

His investment in this world is every single one of us

We are blessed with talents and gifts

These talents and gifts should be used for good

And when your goals in life match up to your calling and the desires of your heart…it’s an amazing feeling!

And right now…I have that amazing feeling!

And it feels good!!!

Makes me feel alive

Makes me feel accomplished

Makes me feel whole

Follow the desires of your heart

Put them to good use

Everyone wants change, but no one is willing to change

But you can…

Do something good for this world

Reach out to the people around you

Say a little prayer for peace in the world

We are all here for a reason…

Like my lovely friend says…leave your fingerprint somewhere

Whether it be universal or in the heart and life of someone you reached out to

Follow the desires of your heart

And use them to bless someone else


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