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March 30, 2010

three years later the girl died & the woman was born. the old man faded & the child he was, now rocks in the arms of the child he has become.. staring at the ocean of people – blinded by black lights -his one mistake- he finally saw flash by. the memory of her still burning there like the tail of a comet that had just passed by. more faithful than her new lover, it melts to her, crying out her name.. he sticks to her the same. at night she tosses & turns searching for just one bearable position, but though she may finally find some sleep. the memory of him slips into her dreams… but he’s just another ghost she can’t afford to keep. eventually he will fade – and all of this will be another vague memory. she will take back all that he took away. he’ll no longer take up her time.. he’s lost hold of her heart & mind. she’s moved on – he never let go. the woman belongs to a real lover while the old man rocking lost longing for another..
never again will she go back
to their world so cold
hearts that bled black.
the old man rocking is still
waiting for her heart to attack.


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