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at times..

April 13, 2010

all we truly need is a little inspiration; a breathe of new, fresh air… a moment away from the day to day antics to remind us what exactly, our hearts are meant for..

effecting lifes, building relationships, leaving foot prints..
superficial tendency have no room within a passionate heart – we need love.

we, each a part of these “day to day antics”  slowly begin to lose focus, allowing our lives to eerily lose track and blur vision, boycotting truth.. now pushing one another to not rise above, but fall into this, deep hole of  “i forgot where we left off”  – our childhood promises slowly form this secretive tone and become a whisper of melancholy blues.. a once upon a time fairy tale we stopped believing in because we were told “fairytales never come true” but for what?  but for why? we do this, to ourselves, willingly..

so remember, no matter how hard it may be at times and how easy it may be to give in, give up and conform.. trust in yourself and the childhood dream of that once upon a time mindset because :

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