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What is the Illusion?

April 16, 2010
submitted words / featured author : blake ryan lewis
is the brain all powerful? 

are emotions just an electrical current
running and bouncing from point A to point Q in our brains?

is it all just an illusion built in to help us all cope with the idea of dying alone?
if so, who built it?
and why?

why can i even contemplate the idea of emotions not being a transcendent form of energy that rises above human reasoning or anatomy?

why am i able to question the idea of love being nothing more than a biological survival mechanism?
because i have the choice to.
well there is a whole other can of worms isn’t it.
but lets not lose track.

so if love, or even hate for that matter are just a series of biologically patterned releases and receiving of nerves and fluids then why is there romance?  why do we lose sleep at night wondering what another persons biology is doing?

is this what separates us from all the other beasts on this world?  also the fact that this can’t be helped has to point to something larger than simple anatomic principles… perhaps we are a biological phenomenon that has been given the gift to move beyond simple survival tactics…perhaps with our enlightenment we have been given the great gift of a spiritual energy that moves beyond physical realms… animals don’t have any concept of success or failure…but humans are constantly propelled through life, by these two things…in the less sophisticated animal you either live and make more animals, or you die and don’t make more animals…humans need a good job, a perfect partner, kids, a house, a dog, a boat, new cars, a second house on the lake, mid-life crisis hits, Harley-Davidson, breast implants, designer clothes, face lift, tummy tuck, mistresses, don’t forget to put your money in the collection plate to wipe the slate clean for next week, power, guns, bombs, drugs, countries, WARS, mass death, justified murder, gourmet meals, dictators, atomic energy, radiation, cancer, the ability to end over 100,000 lives with the push of a button, iPods, Hummers, books, schools, the discovery channel, plasma screen, christmas lights, more presents than the neighbors, art, drama, passion, In’n’Out, porno, diamonds, comedy, skyscrapers, strong whiskey, and lets not forget….LOVE. (if i left anything out, and someone is actually reading this…feel free to add some at the bottom there.) 

so the human animal is to much for me to explain, and i don’t think anyone can really…and if anyone claims that he (or she) can…then i say we burn them at the stake for being a heretic!

as for me…love is not an is the greatest part of being a human, where it comes from is a place that i can’t even begin to explain, but it exists.  and we all have a piece of it with us, the question is whether you want to use it or not…

 okay i’m ready…light the fucking fires and send me on my way!


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