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a chance of rain

April 30, 2010

l i s t e n

i am starting to create and attack those beautiful to-do lists again…  i’ve been busy enjoying life lately, over indulging new personalities and choosing not to worry too much about anything minus the moment, however – i’m a bit ready to jump back into the swing of things.  i feel as if i’ve taken this vacation from life, soul searching i guess you could say and now i’ve awoken.  it feels nice to feel this alive – do i make sense?  maybe it was the random, 1 day trip to san francisco willian and i took this past week?  i am absolutely, 100% in love, with berkeley – he snuck us into the library as everyone sat around us studying while we snapped photos – [proof to come] – the rain, the overcast, the hippies, the greenery, the photos, the hand holding, the spontaneity – it was needed.. our little getaway – we’ve decided to make these 1 day road trips a tradition to call our own & i’m excited to see which location our parade takes us next..

to do list for the weekend :

1. fix car [i know, so not inspiring but its necessary]
2. plant garden [the boy is going to tackle the spider infested boxes i have avoided for 9 months]
3. buy a beach cruiser [the time has come, the best part of living a block from the beach is SUMMER TIME!]
4. create 1 handbag
5. start my detox cleanse [7 day cleanse, raw food diet – healthy bikini here i comeee]

on a not so great note : i just burned the shiii outta my mouth and throat with irish black tea.  ouch!

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