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100 days of fashion

May 11, 2010

Back in the day..

I started this project i called “100 Days of Fashion” & i want to pick it back up again. Seeing as I definitely won’t sketch something daily, I have decided I do need to sketch at least a few times a week to get back into the swing of things. Inspiration kicked in at 1130pm last night and instead of avoiding sleep [work kicks my ass these days], I decided to hold off until tonight.. & best news yet, I’m looking forward to it !  Now, going through an 8 month inspiration block, this sentence alone is novel worthy – I’m not only actively updating my portfolio [its always good to have an updated means of work] I am forcing myself to create again.. After all, I’m a designer.. you can’t claim to be a designer if you never design…. amirite? With this said : Expect a few sketches in the coming days ahead followed by draping, patterns and [GASP!] YES – a finished product – and I promise to even post 1 tonight for starters – [fingers crossed for a JIC mind block]

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