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london calling take dos

May 11, 2010

apparently i will be in london, for the 2nd time this year, at the beginning of june 🙂
thankfully, this time i won’t need to run ragged all over downtown la in attempts to rush deliver my passport.

i’m prepared & completely excited !

i believe life is about moments joining together as a story – i, at times pause my mind to simply breathe in these happenings and its not always the best feeling in the world – but its a feeling. sadness is an emotion i allowed myself to become too familiar with this past year of my life and even though i am completely blessed and thankful for all life has offered me up to this point, i’m still allowed to feel sad from time to time. a part of growing up – life lessons – emotions, intense little happenings. life is flying by – i thought i was just IN london like, yesterday – celebrating my 25th birthday with a friend and missing my [not yet but soon to be] boyfriend.. writing in my journal about how in love i had fallen with a location and enjoying that moment of peace i had forgotten existed. i’m going back? in 3 weeks? its june? in 3 weeks? where is time going? where am i going with my time? what am i doing to take full advantage of this speed demon of a moment – my happening. my dreams were insane last night but i feel rested.. for the most part.

just a few thoughts.

funeral parade first photo shoot in t minus less than 2 weeks.
i'm nervous, excited, antsy & above all ready... i think.
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