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pass me the ink, black only

May 17, 2010

…whens the last time you hand wrote a letter?  whens the last time you received a handwritten letter?  whens the last time you jotted down emotions inside a “once upon a time” venting substance known as a journal?  you know, minus the keyboard that is.  i am in love w/ the internet for the mere fact we may easily jot down thoughts without the time consuming form of black pen, neat paper, countertop.  but with the internet frenzy theres a sense of romance lost in the delivery.. and i miss it.  i have an addiction to buying journals [if you personally know me, you have most likely at one point in your life pulled me away from the journal counter and pep talked my wallet] and as i may find time to add thoughts here and there.. i haven’t devoted a daily effort to documenting life for some time now and i’d like to start back up again, today – right now for instance.  i have many beautiful journals i have received as gifts from friends as well as my mother and i plan to use them up, up, UP!

a thought a day keeps insanity at bay.

cooking pasta [a plan to save money = bring lunch to work],
listening to : sara vaughn – whatever lola wants  & writing begins..
n o w .

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  1. May 18, 2010 7:05 am

    i actually found some great stationary the other day. handmade paper, hand painted art. it thick and course and makes the ink run a little if you write slowly. a period can turn into Jupiter if left on the page too long. i love writing letters with this stationary…… and I think people really appreciate the intimacy of handwriting. i know i do.


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