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May 19, 2010

..its freezing in dtla today and i have the windows wide open in our loft building.  is it weird that i enjoy freezing my bum off if it means i can be cozily wrapped in anything jersey / modal or chenille related fabrics?  didn’t think so.. its hardly summer and i am already craving fall.  fall is such a beautiful season – i love the colors.. the oranges, deep reds and yellows – so romantic and inspiring.  i need a beach cruiser though, i do believe once i buy a beach cruiser it will change my entire outlook on this season we know as summer.  bleh.  we shall see.  my boss just handed me my itinerary for london – i’ll be there again in 2 weeks and even though i loathe that flight, i can’t wait to be wrapped up in the romanticism of it all.  blush wine at 10am, cigarette smoke everywhere and fashion upon fashion upon coffee and more fashion.  my last trip was the week alexander mcqueen had left us all, i was surprised that the only thing his hometown did for the talented man was a window display.. you can see it in recent posts if you’d like.  click here.  he was my inspiration through fidm up until now and its sad to see such a talented mind go to waste.  but its life and life happens i suppose.

i feel romantic today – i love kisses in the morning, even if we sleep through alarms and rush out the door to make it to the office on time.. it makes my entire day that much brighter.

on a funeral parade related topic – our photographer – blake ryan lewis – has moved to Germany 🙂  we are international these days.  Oh the projects we have in store [slash] currently working on are nothing short of novel worthy.  I can hardly wait to share with you our ideas, but i must, seeing as my perfectionist driven mindset slows the roll from time to time, but I hope you keep in touch – continue to come back, funeral parade is only getting better with each step.

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