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__hello prismas, its been a while

May 24, 2010

i heard somewhere a “perfectionist” is another excuse for “chicken”.  i think i agree.  see, i am a true perfectionist.. but at times, it gets the best of me.. to the point of doing nothing.. at.. all.  so what does this mean?  i may be dying of strep throat this week mixed sinus infection but i’ve cut coffee out of my diet [yes, i know.. tragic] – i figured if i was already feeling horrible i might as well do it all at once.. well ! come to find out, i feel amazing!  i can’t wait until the antibiotics are out of my body to see the true effects of natural living.  haha.  ie : no caffeine vein pumper.

ok so with all of this rambling.. i have such a problem with rambling.. my main point was to let you know i have started my 100 days of fashion and have proof! PROOF! I’ll post the piece i did  tonight, not sure if i plan on creating this one, but i did do a dress i’m absolutely in love with yesterday which is on the top of the to-do list.. until i design something else cupid worthy and i forget about the first.  sad life for a design.


OH NO! i left my camera at work.. ok, post tomorrow – promise 🙂

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