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June 3, 2010

positivity is key right? or is it confidence… or do they seemingly go hand in hand as we parade through life? as i shrug my shoulders i realize it doesn’t really matter, it just is.  life is such an amazing adventure, i have decided to jot down 5 things daily as to why i am thankful for the life i have been blessed with [i’ll post the lists from time to time] – after all, no one has my life, but me… pretty interesting, amirite?

1. i leave to London in oh… 8 hours..
2. my boyfriend cooked me breakfast this morning, and it was deeeelicious!
3. i’m excited to start my master cleanse for 2 weeks again when i get back from London on Tuesday
4. the company i assisted in starting, made the cover of people magazine and a page spread inside – insane how much we’ve grown in such a short amount of time
5. i have 3 journals i get to attack during my stay abroad and oh, does my mouth burn with vocabulary at the moment.

..oh, and have i mentioned its absolutely beautiful this morning in dtla… if not, there you go.

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