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June 9, 2010

..with a boutique that is.

have you ever experienced a perfect walk in?  the vibe is right, your favorite artist is on the speakers, the candles are lit and the people behind the register are friendly?  You take a few steps and feel a bit closer to heaven.. then, you see the clothing and your life is complete.  I’m not one of the norms who fall in love with ease.. it takes a lot for me to truly become infatuated with a location but this place I accidentally walked into this past weekend in London, it stole my heart with vengeance.  And guess what!  They have an online store.

. F e a t h e r s    F a s h i o n .

> listen while you shop <

I decided to share because I love you – that much.  We only bought 2 pieces of clothing from this place as most items ran over  £ 500.  But more than not, this place truly inspired me – sigh, a part of me is upset they do not have one in the states but then the greedy part kicks in and I feel as if it makes it a tad more my own personal, love affair.  With this said, please visit their site but do not stay too long, I tend to get jealous.

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