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June 16, 2010

We, as young adults tend to run into obstacles from time to time as in.. most of the time to time & its easier to get discouraged then it is to stay focused.  I have always been one to push others, believe in others and do my best to inspire “others” – every other but myself for possibly more than a few reasons – it feels good to do so, it feels even better to feel needed and it leaves little to no room left to focus on oneself.  Each of us have so much to offer this world and as great or as little of this we bring to our own set of eyes, its nice to be reminded from “time to time” just how much others see in you; which brings me to…

i received an anonymous letter in the mail from a month back [i lost the key to my mailbox thanks and just checked today] stating in handwritten letters :


i have my ideas on who it may be but not giving away any names at the moment in case my sherlock holmes’esque mindset has gone array and led me to the wrong verdict but – whomever sent this please note, it meant more than you could ever know & i thank you.

with that said – i’m off to be productive and shit…!

1. website
2. collection
3. photoshoot this july
4. finalize content for mag
5. cover upcoming events

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