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ps. i.. i love you?

June 18, 2010
by know the difference between hearing your favorite song on the radio dial vs playing it purposely?  i can’t seem to listen to ‘the xx’ these days as i “play out and play out and play out” to no end.. i’m telling you, bat for lashes was on my ipod for 2 months straight [traveling woman is a fav..] & the only time my heart flutters when hearing bat for lashes now, is when 89.9 happens to grace our ears with its presence.  with this being said, i need a new ‘favorite’.  any leads?  ugh… the butterflies are back, i think.. i do think im not quite ready to divorce the xx quite yet.. unless you steer me toward an exceptional sound that is.

reasons i’m excited :

disneyland – peeping my diary from kindergarten it states “all i want is to hold hands in disneyland with _____” – replace the “blank” with my current mr. man and we’re set.  i haven’t been to disneyland since grad night in highschool and i’m a bit TOO excited.

the cleanse – is DONE!  today is my last day – yeah yeah, last time i lasted 24 days and this time only 10 but i seriously can’t get tom yum soup out of my mind.  its ridiculous really..

maxi dress – i have taken 2 new ones under my arms from work today & i can’t wait to wear one tonight!  oh how i love maxi dresses.. especially silk georgette, brightly printed, low cut, zipper backed maxi dresses.  i love you fashion.

its friday – enough said, amirite?

do yourself a favor and listen to 89.9 kcrw eclectic 24 today and remind yourself how beautiful the sunshine is.

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