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wake up.

July 14, 2010

..i took a break as an artist.  hybernation mode for the past 2 years.  writers block struck me down with full force and to create anything worth sharing hadn’t even crossed my path.  as frustrating as it became and emotionally time consuming i had become, it was necessary.. breathing in the scenery, everything about life had hit an “emotions to the tenth” turning point and engulfed my life.  i’d come across moments of complete infatuation with the scenery and the sudden rush of “I NEED TO CREATE, NOW” would suffice but it was very few and far between.. as well as at the most awkward of times and ranging from oh, 30 minutes to 3 hours.. how the hell do you get anything done this way?  Staring contest upon staring contest with the canvas, paper, journal, pen, etc became my routine and slowly started to steer me away from even trying.  No one likes to be rejected and when its self induced, its ohhh that much more enticing.  So I avoided.  My life had become a high speed chase as I ran away from the person I had always been.. and for what, who knew.  What i do know, is it was meant for a purpose.. I am slowly waking up with butterflies infesting my lungs, 2am wake up calls to attack my journal with the pen and tap tap tap.. the veins are awakening and i just pray i’m not speaking too soon.


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