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November 4, 2010




(a sight i needed to see.. didn’t mind the traffic at all)

there is magic all around us.. i forgot how to see the

beauty in all the chaos– as a child.. everything was a sight to see

everything was beautiful without a meaning.. then life itself

consumed me and all the innocence i had left with no remorse.

sometimes all it takes is a simple song to take me back to a different

time and place, helps me to remember that after time comes peace.

it has been awhile.. it has been a long road, and there has been enough

tears to fill an entire ocean.. all i can do is take it in.. my past with my future.

there’s a different feeling.. i feel whole.. i’m feeling complete.

i was going too fast to realize what i already have.

it took sitting in traffic for me to realize that no matter how far

i go.. and how fast i’m going.. my heart sits still..

with age i learned patience..

learning patience has given me peace.


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